Anatomical reconstruction


Reconstructing with anatomically compatible parts

Reconstruction building an anatomically similar structure with the original one, allowing great stability and activity. An allogeneic tendon would be fixed with interference screws into the holes on the malleolus. The screws strongly hold the tendon and disappear in three months.


  • Recurrence after ligament repair
  • Young patients without degenerative changed in the ankle joint
  • Severe lateral ligament instability with talar tilt angle more than 16 degrees


  • 1.General or epidural anesthesia
  • 2.Check the locations and damages of the ligament through endoscopy through a 5 cm incision
  • 3.Remove damaged anterior talofibular ligament and make two holes on the malleolus
  • 4.Insert allogeneic tendon, fix with interference screws as close as possible to the original location, angle, and thickness, and suture.


1 hour

Hospital stay and Precautions

4~5 days (may vary)

  • Moderate foot pain may last for several days after the surgery
  • Disinfect wound every 2-3 days after discharge. Remove the stitches 2 weeks later.
  • For the first 6 weeks, gradual weight-bearing allowed with cast
  • After removing cast, weight-bearing allowed with brace by week 12.
  • Rehabilitation exercise for recovering proprioception after week 8.