Stem cell cartilage regeneration


Regenerating damaged tissue by transplanting stem cells

No other treatment regenerates damaged cartilage. Recently developed autologous stem cell transplant is a technique to regenerate the cartilage back to a normal status. For now, it can only be applied on the knees that experienced trauma, such as a traffic accident or sports injury, or degenerative arthritis.

The selection between autologous and allogeneic transplant depends on the age and general status. Autologous stem cell transplant is for healthy patients younger than 50 years. Allogeneic transplant is for elderly patients.


  • Degenerative arthritis patients younger than 50 years old
  • Damaged cartilage by trauma, such as traffic accident or sports injury

Autologous stem cells for those under 50

  • As they are sourced from the patient’s own bone marrow, there is no risk of rejection and they can easily proliferate and rapidly regenerate. There is no risk of infection or genetic alteration either.

Allogeneic stem cells for those over 50

  • Due to the low yield of autologous stem cells from elderly patients, allogeneic stem cells can be used. As stem cells from umbilical cord blood (from the umbilical cord and placenta) do not require additional collection or culturing and only optimized cells are used for treatment, only one procedure brings a treatment effect more than a certain level to everybody.


  • Stem cells are cells before differentiating into a certain (nerve, blood, cartilage, etc.) type of cell.
  • There are two ways to collect stem cells.
  • Autologous collection – collecting from pelvic bone of the patient
  • Allogeneic collection – collecting from umbilical cord and placenta from a fetus

Autologous bone marrow will be transferred into the special kit and treated in the automatic extraction system for 15 minutes, producing growth factor-rich concentration ready for transplant.

  • 1.Localized the damaged cartilage by arthroscopy or incision
  • 2.In case of autologous collection, collect bone marrow under anesthesia
  • 3.Extract stem cells using automatic centrifuge system in 30 minutes
  • 4.Apply stem cells on the damaged cartilage
  • 5.The stem cells differentiated similar to the adjacent tissue and help the regeneration of the cartilage


Approximately 1~2 hours

Hospital stay and Precaution

Approximately 2~3 days

  • Gradual weight bearing with crutches for 12 weeks