Total Hip Replacement


Restoring joint function by removing damaged femoral head and inserting an artificial joint

Artificial joint can restore the function of the hip joint which had a worn out cartilage, was fractured, or collapsed due to avascular necrosis. Minimal incision minimizes complication and side effects.


  • Patients who cannot have normal hip joint movement
  • Severe arthritis unresponsive to conventional treatments
  • Femoral head fracture
  • Secondary arthritis due to avascular necrosis of the femoral head


  • 1.General anesthesia followed by a skin incision of 5-10 cm on the buttocks
  • 2.Dissect the muscle and remove the femoral head
  • 3.Apply bone cement and insert the artificial joint part
  • 4.Suture the joint capsule, fascia, and skin


1-1.5 hours

Hospital stay

A week