Rotator cuff repair


Stitching torn rotator cuff

Rotator cuff repair is a surgery for checking the location of the torn tendon under arthroscopy and attaching the tendon to the bone using a screw with a thread. If there are other abnormalities in the joint, it can be found through arthroscopy and treated at the same time.


  • Patients with tendons which have more than 50% of thickness loss or tearing and when conventional treatments have limited effect.


  • 1.Inspect the joint cavity via arthroscopy through a skin incision of less than 1 cm
  • 2.Check the status of rotator cuff through a skin incision, about 5mm, on the lateral side
  • 3.Insert an anchor(screw with a thread) at the attachment site of rotator cuff
  • 4.Sew the tendon by passing the thread through the torn tendon with a certain interval


1 hour

Hospital stay

3~5 days