Scoliosis surgery


Correction surgery for twisted spine by scoliosis

Scoliosis refers to a status of when the spinal column is curved sideways. Congenital scoliosis is when the spinal column becomes curved in its growth period, while on the other hand, the acquired degenerative scoliosis occurs as aging advances. Scoliosis surgery straightens the curved spinal column.


  • Curved more the 40 degrees
  • Progressing scoliosis by growth


  • 1.General anesthesia
  • 2.Insert transpedicular screws into the vertebral bodies
  • 3.Correct the spinal column

If severe, the surgery can be performed twice.


May vary by the degree of the scoliosis
3-5 hours

Hospital stay

A week

  • Mild exercise such as walking with a brace, for the first 1-2 months.
  • Extended range of motion after three months.