Microscopic laminoplasty


A surgical treatment to restore the space for the spinal cord by lifting up the lamina, part of bones on the posterior side of the neck, in case of severe compression.

  • It is desired to perform a surgical treatment before irreversible changes of the spinal cord or muscles begin to set in.
  • If the symptoms were severe and the diagnosis was delayed, the prognosis is not good.


  • Multifocal ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament
  • Severe disc herniation
  • Accompanied spinal cord injury
  • Multifocal spinal stenosis by degenerative disc

Good surgical prognosis in case of:

  • Symptoms started within 6 months to 1 year
  • Early or minimal spinal cord injury
  • Not overly compressed spinal cord
  • No spinal cord injury on MRI
  • No other medical diseases and the patient is not too old


  • 1.Set the posture of the patient by having them lie on their stomach and fixing the head
  • 2.Locate the lesion by x-ray projector
  • 3.Disinfect and incise the skin
  • 4.Dissect the muscle and soft tissue around the spinal column
  • 5.Confirm the location of dissection by x-ray projector
  • 6.Cut and widen a lamina
  • 7.Confirm the decompression and fix the opening


Approximately 3 hours

Hospital stay

Approximately 7 days

  • Removing stitches after 7-9 days
  • After removing stitches, a light shower is allowed three days later and bathing is allowed seven days later
  • Brace for 2-3 months
  • Driving allowed after 2-3 months
  • No hot pad or acupuncture on procedure sites
  • No alcohol or tobacco / Proper diet
  • Follow-up visit required after 2-4 weeks