Hallux valgus (Bunion)


‘high-heel disease’, big toe deviated toward the smaller toes

Hallux valgus is a condition of the big toe deviated by pressure from narrow or high-heeled shoes. By definition, the angle between the phalanx, toe bone, and the metatarsal bones, foot bone, is more than 15 degrees while the normal range is less than 10 degrees.


  • 1.Pain and calluses or blisters on the bump
  • 2.Deformity and pain of other toes
  • 3.Feet which easily get tired and have difficulty in wearing shoes


  • Congenital deformity or familial history
  • Frequent use of narrow or high-heeled shoes
  • Weight gain and weakening of muscles in the feet


Diagnosis : X-ray

Non-surgical treatment

  • Pad
  • Braces in shoes

Surgical treatment

In case of being bent more than 30 degrees

  • Corrective osteotomy