Hip joint fractures


Prevalent after becoming middle-aged due to osteoporosis and requires surgical treatment due to higher rate of fatality if not treated

Hip joint fractures mainly occur at the proximal part of the femur of the elderly who are frequently afflicted with osteoporosis. As the population gets older, the rate of incidences is increasing. It is considered to be a pathologic fracture because it occurs due to mild trauma. A majority of the patients are female because women develop osteoporosis when younger, live longer, and have a smaller angle between femur and femoral head. Hip joint fractures increase morbidity and mortality, resulting in 15-20% fatalities in a year. Major trauma such as traffic accidents or falls may cause hip joint fractures in young people.


  • 1.Cannot move the leg
  • 2.The affected leg looks shorter than other one
  • 3.Severe pain in movement


  • Traffic accidents or other forms of trauma
  • Mild trauma can cause a fracture to the elderly who have impaired flexibility and balance and weak bones


Diagnosis : X-ray

Non-surgical treatment

Only rare cases are subject to non-surgical treatments which can be considered in patients who have a short life expectancy due to chronic diseases or malignancies. Non-surgical treatments should be implied because of the higher rate of fatalities due to complications and joint contractures.

Surgical treatment

  • Fracture fixation