Avascular necrosis of femoral head


Lack of vascular circulation to the femoral head, causing necrosis

The femoral head is at the upper end of the femur, facing the pelvic bone and forming the hip joint. Continuous compression on the necrotic bone can cause fractures and subsequent pain and deformities of the hip joint.


  • 1.Pain in the inguinal region and the thigh worsening due to activities
  • 2.Difficulty in internal and external rotation. Cannot cross the legs in a sitting position
  • 3.Limping and pain when walking
  • 4.Shortening of the leg, if severe


  • Unknown in more than 60% cases
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol, previous dislocation or fracture, extended use of steroids
  • Decompression sickness, hyperlipidemia, venous thrombosis, excessive radiation


Diagnosis : X-ray, CT, MRI, bone scan

Non-surgical treatment

  • Medication
  • Injection

Surgical treatment

  • Multiple drilling
  • Injection