Degenerative arthritis of knees


Loss of cartilage over the knee joint, causing deformities of the bone and pain

When the cartilage covering joint surfaces wears out, the adjacent bone and ligaments can be damaged, resulting in inflammation and pain. It is a degenerative disease which is common among those who are middle-aged and seniors.


  • 1.Continuous pain and edema while walking
  • 2.May cause deformity of the knees or abnormal gait


  • Secondary degenerative arthritis by trauma, disease, or deformity
  • Age, gender, genetic factor, and obesity may be affected
  • Cartilage destroyed by bacterial or tuberculosis arthritis


Diagnosis : X-ray, CT, MRI

Non-surgical treatment

  • Medication
  • Physiotherapy

Surgical treatment

  • Arthroscopic intervention