Sideway curvature of spine

Scoliosis means a sideway curvature of spine. It can have various degrees and direction. In case of a mild degree, the appearance may not be obvious at a glance. Among youth, the curvature may become worse as the patient grows, requiring close follow-up.


One hip is more prominent than the other

  • 1.Even though there is no pain, the patients easily feel tired due to structural instability and may have difficulty with studying.
  • 2.Difference in the level of the breasts
  • 3.Only one bra strap or bags keeps dropping
  • 4.Only one heel of shoe becomes easily worn out
  • 5.The lengths of the right and left legs look different due to having a tilted pelvis
  • 6.When the back is bent, one scapula looks more protruded out than the other side
  • 7.If severe, the lungs are compressed and cannot fully function


Idiopathic scoliosis, of which no specific cause can be found, consists of 70% of cases.


  • Due to sitting in improper posture or carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder.
  • Idiopathic

  • 70% of all cases have no specific cause. It typically starts at around 10 years old and progresses throughout the growth phase.
  • Congenital

  • Due to congenital deformity of the spinal column
  • Treatment

    Diagnosis : Dynamic balance test, X-ray, CT, MRI

    Non-surgical treatment

    • Brace
    • Manual therapy (correction therapy)
      - For scoliosis with less than 20-30 degrees, growing children or youth need to keep braces until their growth stops. After removing the braces, monitoring of the degree of the curvature should be followed up by regular x-ray imaging.
    • Exercise
      - Even with braces, corrective exercises, muscle strengthening exercises, and stretching should be performed continuously. If the muscles are not strong enough, muscle weakening may cause pain and progress of curvature after removing the braces.

    Surgical treatment

    In case of curving more than 40-50 degrees or complications (neurologic or pulmonary), surgical treatment would be necessary.