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successively teaches foreign doctors ‘high-grade minimally invasive spine surgery’ and......

DATE. 2016.05.25

Wiltse Memorial Hospital successively teaches foreign doctors ‘high-grade minimally invasive spine surgery’ and recruits international patients

Wiltse Memorial Hospital (President Park Choon-keun), a spine specialized hospital designated by the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs, is receiving global attention for its minimally invasive spine surgery. This August, a Vietnamese doctor is learning the technique over the course of one month.


This is a part of a wider health care exchange of training that has been established between Gyeonggi-do and Vietnam. The visiting doctor who will study the health care system and leading clinical techniques is Nguyen Manh Hung, neurosurgeon of Saint Paul Hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam.


He stated, “It is my honor to experience such highly skilled surgical techniques such as anterior (abdominal) interbody fusion”


Since 2009, Wiltse Memorial Hospital has been operating an international training center, which is designated as a training center for minimally invasive spine surgery and the Asia-Pacific research center for spinal columns, and has taught an average of 20-30 doctors per year from Russia, Central Asia, China, Mongolia, India and Vietnam.


Concurrently, the number of international patients has been increasing. So far, approximately 1,100 international patients received treatments in Wiltse Memorial Hospital. Bolat Nurgaliyev (72, Russian), who recently had knee transplants performed on both knees, remarked, “Another person who received surgery from this hospital recommended me to visit here. It was so great to have a full-time Russian Coordinator who gave me thorough assistance from examination to surgery and not only just limited to interpretation. In addition, my recovery is proceeding quicker than I expected”, reflecting a sense of satisfaction with his visit and surgery.


President Dr. Park announced, “We aim to extend the training program for foreign doctors in effort to further enhance the reputation of Korean medical technology.