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recorded a 0% rate for complications or reoperation based on clinical quality evaluation performed..

DATE. 2015.12.07

Suwon Wiltse Memorial hospital recorded a 0% rate for complications or reoperation based on clinical quality evaluation performed by the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service

Suwon Wiltse Memorial Hospital (President Park Choon-keun), a spine specialized hospital designated by the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs, recorded a 0% rate of complications, reoperation, and readmission with regards to the ‘clinical quality evaluation of spine specialized hospitals’ conducted by the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service.


This monitoring was performed for health care quality control of second stage spine specialized hospitals. The subjects of evaluation were patients who were admitted and received surgery from 17 spine specialized hospitals between January to December of 2014 for herniated discs, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, osteoporotic compression fractures, and back pain. 


The evaluation item of ‘postoperative complications’ refers to a proportion of complications such as infection, hematoma, cerebrospinal fluid leakage, recurrence of symptoms, or neurological damage. The average among all institutions was 0.4 %, while Suwon Wiltse Memorial Hospital recorded 0%.


The evaluation item of ‘reoperation’ and ‘readmission’ reflect the proportion of patients who received surgery or readmission for the same disease on the same location within three months. Suwon Wiltse Memorial Hospital recorded 0% for both items while the industry average was 1.6% for reoperation and 2.4% for readmission.


In short, the patients who received surgery at Suwon Wiltse Memorial Hospital have not experienced any complications, reoperation, or readmission. This is all due to the performance of minimally invasive surgery that works effectively to prevent complications and the assurance of safety as a result of the ongoing commitments to evolve the skills of the hospital’s experienced doctors.


President Dr. Park said, “As a distinguished spine specialized hospital in the region, we value patient safety and trust above all else and will do our best to become one of the world’s leading spine hospitals through studying safe and effective treatments.”


Moreover, the criteria to be designated as a specialized hospital have been progressively reinforced by mandatory certifying evaluations and clinical quality evaluations since 2015.