Cutting-Edge Medical Devices


‘MAGNETOM Avanto 1.5T’, the latest MRI from Siemens

18 channels and SQ engine, making it possible to produce precise images in less time.


16 MDCT (Multi Detector CT, 16-Slice) from Siemens

Used to secure thin cross-sectional images of sixteen 0.5 mm units for 0.5 ch. Able to produce high quality images in less time.

Ultrasound equipment (Philips IU-22)

Able to check microscopic lesions by high resolution


Siemens ARCADIS Orbic

High-definition imaging equipment showing the insides of the body through a video in real time.

Microscope for Microscopic Surgery

Zeiss OPM (Carl Zeiss)

20 times more powerful than the naked eye for being able to magnify microscopic lesions and allowing for the selective removal of the lesion.

3D Printer

Enables the use of a 3D model to precisely replicate the body of the patient and adequately allow for mock surgery, thereby mitigating possible difficulties and preparing solutions in advance.