Welcome to Wiltse Memorial Hospital.

Wiltse Memorial Hospital is a spine specialized
hospital designated by Korean Government

as well as a nationally certified institution for the high quality of medical care. In addition, Wiltse Memorial Hospital has taught advanced medical practices to international doctors and treated numerous foreign patients suffering from spine or joint diseases. Since its opening in 2002, an average of approximately 100,000 outpatients per year have visited, and over 6,000 surgeries per year have been performed.

In particular, specialized advancedtechniques such as arthroscopy, artificial disc replacement, and artificial joint replacement as well as minimally invasive spinal surgery, which leaves minimal scarringtothe tissue and speeds uprecovery, are actively implemented in treatments.

Wiltse Memorial Hospital commits to doing its best to provide more patients throughout the world with the very best treatment and to develop more expedient and efficient treatment options. Thank you.